Introducing isoVerse’s latest custom made server and a bunch of other massive updates!

New Hub

With new servers comes a bigger hub! Find 50 hidden rewards and check out the beautiful landscape. Thank you to the build team for designing it, @floki, @granny, @birda, @squid.

Parkour Update

Play over a DOZEN new courses and enjoy a redesigned spawn build by @Blacktane! Win lots of Epic and Legendary crates and set new high scores.

Cake Wars is Back

On the new games server, play Cake Wars, back in its former glory! Help make maps for us to use.

New Hardcore Server


Think you have what it takes to survive in the harsh wilderness? Join hardcore and play with maximum difficulty!

Click to learn more about the Hardcore server on the isoVerse Wiki

  • Locked Out When You Die

If you die in Hardcore, you’ll be locked out of the Hardcore server for 3 minutes, 5 minutes, 15 minutes, and increasingly longer durations. Stay alive!

  • Blood Night

You don’t want to be outside during a Blood Night. They happen in a majority of nights and if you’re not prepared, you will likely die.

  • 20 Unique Hostile Mobs

Watch out supercharged monsters like the Blaze Rider, Ender Creeper, Fire Wizard, Invisible Skeleton, Phantom Soul, Toxic Creeper, and more! They are VERY deadly but will drop good loot if you can defeat them.

  • Griefing & PvP Allowed

You can grief, steal, and kill other players. Only one sethome per player, no warps, and hard difficulty on all worlds.

take a look at the team behind all the updates by going here, and visit the forum for the latest announcements.

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