Welcome to isoVerse a fun family friendly multiverse Minecraft Server!

New Minecraft 1.20 network with SEVEN fun servers: Survival, Skyblock, Creative, Games, Hardcore, Parkour, Factions
IP & Website:
Join with Java + Bedrock

Minecraft Server

Just launched:


Summer is here, and with the hot weather comes a TON of new features. Enjoy our 2023 Summer Update now at 🌇

New Hub:

Chill on the beach and play two new minigames in the 🆕 Summer hub! There are 50 new hidden rewards, with a Legendary crate if you find them all.


Whack A Mole!

King of the Ladder 🪜!

– the top 3 players of each game win a Drop Party ticket! 📦

king of the ladder
wack a mole

Drop parties 🎉:

A highlight of the Cobalt era, Drop Parties are a fun, fast-paced frenzy of free items falling from the sky. (Buy Drop Party tickets at, or get them for FREE with the rank or vote rewards). Use /drop for more info.

🎁 New Rewards:

Open the /rewards menu to earn a LOT more rewards than before. You’re notified when you have unclaimed rewards.

You can claim:

– Daily rewards with XP and a chance at crates (get higher chances of better crates)-

One-time rewards:

– Streak rewards.

– Vote rewards.

– Referral and playtime rewards are coming soon 🔜.

Voting Upgrades:

Voting helps spread the word about isoVerse. You can now /vote at 20 different sites, check out the new vote leaderboard page at Shop at the /vote shop to spend your vote points.

🔗 Discord Linking:

You can now link your Discord account to have your ranks sync. View more info at

isoverse discord invite

🌅 Summer Contests & Events:

There will be another double contest this month, with winning prizes including Drop Party tickets! Check /discord for details. 💟

Store & Rank Upgrades:

Your donations and purchases at our Store help provide these great updates.

You can now purchase:

– Drop Party tickets 🎫

– Rank upgrades at a discount.

– Spell packages 📦.

isoverse store

You can build anything you dream of in isoVerse, to a little home in the forest, to an underground mansion in the desert, join now and see what you can create!

#minecraft #survival #creative #parkour #hardcore #factions.

server IP & Website:

Java & Bedrock Supported.

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